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Kingdom Builders

Part 1 : Stirring, Stagnant, & Staggering

Stirring, Stagnant, & Staggering

Gil Rodriguez

March 12, 2023

Today we have a special guest speaker to kick off Kingdom Builders.  Gil Rodriguez serves as the Mobilization and Development Director for the Assemblies of God World Missions. An organization that partners with 370,000 churches with over 54 million adherents worldwide. Gilbert and Gladys (his wife) have been missionaries since 1988 serving in Paraguay and Spain. They now live in Springfield, MO and serve more than 1200 missionary units around the world.  

In today's message Gil talks about, God is stirring His church for a great move of the Spirit. It may seem stagnate at times but God is releasing His power through His people to build His church.

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