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Membership at LIFEchurch is the foundation of our leadership selection standards and being part of the affirmation process for nominated LIFEchurch Board Members. Therefore, it is important that members of the church meet certain minimum requirements, so that together we can best direct the course of the church in line with God’s heart and the mission He has given us.
The minimum requirements:

For your spiritual life:

  1. Have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior and are following Him today.

  2. Have been water baptized by immersion.

  3. Have a meaningful prayer life.

  4. Read the Bible as a regular part of your daily life.

In your attendance at LIFEchurch:

  1. Are regularly attending weekend services.

  2. Have attended LIFEchurch for at least six months.

For common understanding:

  1. Have completed all four LAUNCH Step sessions.

  2. Agree with LIFEchurch’s belief statements, mission, strategy, and structure. 

For your involvement in the mission of LIFEchurch:

  1. Are regularly serving on a SERVEteam, and/or are part of a LIFEgroup.

  2. Faithfully tithe (giving 10%) to LIFEchurch.

  3. Have protected LIFEchurch's unity by acting in love towards others, refusing to gossip, and following the leadership.

  4. Desire to share in the responsibility of LIFEchurch by praying for its growth, by inviting the unchurched to attend, and by warmly welcoming those who visit.


If you feel that you meet all of these requirements, please download and complete the Membership Application.
A separate application is required of each family member, including spouses.
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