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Jesus Created The Church

Learn how Jesus Created the Church

Church. It's a loaded word for some people. A  building. An idea. Maybe somewhere they’ve been mistreated, or hurt, or even abused. This was not God’s design, but the church is. The church isn’t a building or an idea, it's a group of people. Nothing more or less than a group of people who have committed to following Jesus and telling those who don’t yet know about him helping them to follow Him as well.

Author and Pastor Tim Keller writes, “the church is not a museum for pristine saints, its a hospital ward for broken sinners.” That’s right, sinners just like you and me. When Jesus instituted the church, he did so with the idea that it would be a place and a community where anyone could be themselves and could come and experience his love and forgiveness. Keller goes on, “In the church we have to deliberately let ourselves be transparent and accountable to others. We’re a family.”

Just a little while before his death Jesus said to his disciple, Peter, “Now I say to you that you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church, and all the powers of hell will not conquer it.” - Matthew 16:18

The church is God’s hands and feet here on earth, his plan in action. Because its made up of broken, messed-up people, we mess things up… a lot. But God’s plan continues regardless. He can work through broken, messed-up people. He does it all the time.

For further reading, visit Big Church by Andy Stanley.

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