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What Roles Can Women Participate In The Church

Are women allowed to lead in church?

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Today's subject is a controversial topic in the church.  At LIFEChurch we value authenticity and understand that when we explore certain topics, we may not all see eye to eye, but it's important for us to still have the conversation.  In today's episode of Asking for a friend, Josh, Heather and Ben discuss the question "What is the role of women in the church".  They explore what the Bible says about it, how God used women throughout history, and they explain the differences between egalitarian and complementarian, the two ways Christians interpret the role of women.

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  1. Unbeilevable? (YouTube)

  2. "All four gospels are clear that the first people to see the risen Jesus and were told to tell others that he was alive were women.....This was a cultural revolution because up until then, Jesus chose twelve men who all let him down in various ways, but with the news of the resurrection, women, who know one would believe, were the first to know." - NT Wright.

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